Why You Should Use Synthetic Oil in Your Truck

Why You Should Use Synthetic Oil in Your Truck | Sterling, CO

When the time comes for your truck’s next oil change, you’ll be faced with the question of whether to use synthetic or conventional motor oil, or a blend of both. Ultimately, while a fully synthetic oil is a bit more expensive, it’s a much better investment than conventional oil. Read on to find out why.

It lasts longer

One major benefit of synthetic oil is that it lasts longer, making the decision to spend the extra money a bit easier. Synthetic oil will stay clean and effectively lubricate your engine for longer than conventional oil, which means you’ll make fewer trips to the dealership for an oil change and spend less in the long run.

It’s better in cold weather

You’ll notice that your vehicle runs much better in extremely cold temperatures with synthetic oil than with conventional. Synthetic oil has better viscosity that lets it flow more easily in cold temperatures, which tend to make conventional oil thicker and run more slowly. Synthetic oil gives your engine a break from the hard work of running in cold weather.

It protects your engine

Synthetic oil is also better for keeping your engine in good shape for longer. Because synthetic can withstand more extreme temperatures than conventional oil, it’s better at helping your engine work in very high and low temperatures. If your engine is better protected, it’s going to run better for more miles.

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Why a Winter Vehicle Checkup is Essential in Sterling, CO

Sterling is beautiful in the winter, but snowy roads and icy conditions can make it a treacherous place to drive in. Before dangerous Colorado’s dangerous winter weather comes out in full force, schedule a winter vehicle checkup at Transwest Chevrolet Buick. Here is a list of the things we’ll handle for you during a winterizing appointment.

Tire check

Good tires are crucial for safely travelling on dangerous icy roads, which is why we make sure to fully check out your wheels’ condition. Not only will we check the tire pressure and tread wear, we’ll also ensure there is no visible damage. And if you don’t have winter tires equipped, we’ll strongly recommend installing a set.

winter vehicle checkup - sterling, co

Brake inspection

Like tires, brakes can help prevent accidents when driving in slush and snow by slowing you down when you start to lose control. During your winterizing service at Transwest, we will complete a thorough brake system inspection to make sure you have enough padding and fluid to safely stop.

Heating maintenance

Keeping warm in your car isn’t just about comfort; it’s also a vital safety concern, especially if you were ever stranded in your car. Our mechanics at Transwest will ensure that your vehicle gets warm enough to keep your windshield (and your fingers) clear of frost for maximum visibility and will keep your warm if you get stuck in a snowdrift.

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