How to Protect Your Truck During Winter in Sterling, CO

Winter is coming, and they can get rough around Sterling, Colorado. While your Silverado or Colorado is well-suited to keep you safe even under harsh conditions, it’s important that you return the favor. Here are a few easy ways to protect your truck during winter.

Apply an undercoating

One of the worst fates that could befall your pickup is underbody damage or rust, which can result from moisture and debris getting into the inner workings. The potential for issues increases during the winter, as the rock salt used to thaw snow can cause physical damage and contribute to rust. In order to prevent this, consider having a professional apply an undercoating, which acts as a shield protecting your truck’s undercarriage.

Wash and wax regularly

If salt accumulates on your truck’s body and stays there for a while, the paint job will quickly lose its luster. If you want to avoid prematurely aging your truck’s appearance — and potentially opening up the body to the risk of rust damage somewhere down the road — it’s a good idea to wash your vehicle when you can and apply a protective wax coating.

Clean the fuel line

Before the frigid temperatures come in full force, it’s recommended that you flush and clean the fuel line. This will remove any built-up condensation — which can freeze and damage the component — as well as give you an indication of whether there’s any damage.

protect your truck during winter - sterling, co

The expert service staff at Transwest Chevrolet Buick has years of experience winterizing Chevrolet trucks and performing maintenance of all kinds. To make an appointment, give us a call or visit our service page.

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